Sunday, December 11, 2011

the loss of a friend

On Thursday I returned to MSKCC for a check-up. My oncologist thinks the pigment of my skin continues to return slowly to normal, but it's a very slow process. At this point, he doesn't think the skin creams - Fluocinonide and Alclometasone Dipropionate - are doing much anymore. Tacrolimus and CellCept remain the prime agents of change in my drug cocktail. My weight was stable: about 149 lbs. My blood counts and kidney function were very good. I'm always concerned about the state of my kidneys due to all the medications I take and the fact that I sometimes find it challenging to hydrate myself enough during the day.

The course of action remains the same: no change in medication. Cautiously, he wants to wait a little longer before possibly making any changes. I'm scheduled to go back in six weeks for a blood draw and then, see Dr. CM again on March 8th.

Everything remains very positive.

During the upcoming winter break, I will have a number of medical checkups. This past week I scheduled an appointment with my podiatrist, because my nails (especially my toenails) continue to change months after having GvHD. They are not healthy. They are brittle and have have streaks running from top to bottom. Some are have not developed fully yet. I'm curious to listen to his impressions and what possible recommendations he might have.

Yesterday morning I attended the funeral of one of my great supporters while I was sick. Despite her own challenges with multiple sclerosis, she continued to reach out and help others in need. When I was navigating the complex world of insurances and premiums, she was there to guide me. If it wasn't for the compassion and help of Muriel and so many others, who knows where I would be today. Thank you, Muriel, we will miss you.


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