Sunday, November 06, 2011

day +1538

This morning was spent photographing the runners in the ING New York City Marathon cross the Madison Avenue Bridge into Manhattan. It was a gorgeous fall Sunday. Simply perfect. I look forward to seeing how the photographs came out.

Since returning to work in early September, I've been incredibly busy. I've also started a MA program (part-time) at Teachers College, Columbia University during that same time. Hence, the absence of posts since September. At TC, I'm taking two courses - US History and Diversity in the Social Studies curriculum - this semester but will drop to one in the spring, because it has become increasingly challenging to do all the assigned work well. Nevertheless, I'm enjoying my courses learning a lot. I estimate that it will take me 2 - 2 1/2 years to finish.

Healthwise, I continue to take a lot of meds. My right knee still causes pain although it has been better recently. I've made an appointment to see a rehabilitation specialist/physiatrist in December. I haven't lost the weight that I gained from the steroids over the summer. It has been difficult to find time to exercise besides the fact that mentally, I just haven't been able to focus my mind on it. On Thursday, I see Dr. C-M for a checkup.


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