Tuesday, August 23, 2011

quake and osteopenia

About one hour before beginning this post, we felt the tremors caused by the 5.8 quake in Virginia. Wow. It was my first time experiencing a quake.

Back on August 1st, I saw my primary care doctor for a general checkup. He performed some basic tests, such as cholesterol and glucose (sugar), which MSKCC doesn't do because I am in post-transplant/survivorship phase. Four years out of transplant, tests such as these are reserved for the primary care doctors, I was told. Both the cholesterol and glucose returned back normal. At this appointment, he also recommended I go for a bone density exam due to my recent use of steroids in addition to my long history of treatment.

On the 10th, I went to Montefiore Medical Center (where my primary is affiliated and where I was first diagnosed and treated in 2003) for the bone density test and after playing phone-tag with my doctor for several days, we finally caught each other yesterday. He said I have the symptoms of osteopenia, which is less severe than osteoperosis, in my spine, hip, and elsewhere. Asked what I do for calcium, I replied that I take supplements (500mg twice daily). In addition to continuing to take the supplements, he proposed a once a year injection. I don't know its proper name, however. I'm not too keen on more drugs but honestly, I know nothing about it. I told him to send me copies of all the tests results and I will inform Dr. C-M to see what he thinks and then, we'll go from there.

We're having a couple of lovely, mild (mid 70s - low 80s) days in New York City. Just beautiful.


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

He may have been talking about Zometa (zoledronic acid). Hope all is well. Chris

12:07 AM  
Comment Anonymous podiatrists said...

It does wonders in preserving bone density, that's why it's important for adults to consume, store, and steadily intake calcium early on.

4:35 AM  

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