Wednesday, August 24, 2011

limited time! free travel scholarship to colorado

First Descents, which offers young adult cancer survivors a week-long outdoor adventure designed to help them reclaim their lives and make new friendships, has several spots remaining for its September 4- 9 rock climbing program in Estes Park, Colorado. It is offering full travel scholarships to any first-time participants who attend! Pretty sweet.

While this is a short notice, this is a great opportunity. I have at least two friends who participated in the whitewater kayaking program in Montana and they both had a very memorable experience.

If you're interested, apply here.


Comment Blogger Joy Huber said...

Hi! Just came across your Great blog; I was diagnosed with stage four non-hodgkins lymphoma at the young age of 33 March 24th, 2010. I'm in remission now (but still doing maint. chemo. every 8 weeks!) & have gone on to found "Cancer with Joy" to help others through their experience.

I just wanted to give a testimonial to a First Descents camp if anyone's thinking about applying but unsure. I attended their rock-climbing camp in CO less than a year ago at the end of last September. My favorite part was getting to meet all the other young adults, hear their stories, and make new & lasting friends . . . all while having an adventure (I had never been rock-climbing before!)!~ As a young adult I only knew of a few friends facing cancer when I was first diagnosed, and this helped me meet others.

Joy Huber
Cancer with Joy

7:35 PM  

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