Monday, July 04, 2011

day +1413

I woke up early Sunday morning with the intention of going out for photo shoot, but my left shin was killing me. For several minutes, I was unable to bend the lower-half of my leg without great pain. After some persistence, I managed to stand up, make a few short steps, and the pain began to ease and soon after, I was feeling alright with no further incidents. You might say I was surprised to awaken to this, but looking back I might have unknowingly exhausted my legs yesterday. Photographing the Washington Bridge from the Harlem River Speedway Saturday evening, I walked about 60 blocks (30 to get there and 30 to get back). Unfortunately, there's no other way to reach the area where I needed to be but to walk this distance.

Throughout Sunday I experienced swelling around my abdomen, lower back, and parts of my upper arms. It was not very painful unless pressure was applied. This swelling appears to be a side effect of the water retention caused by the steroids, which seems responsible also for the knee pain that I felt once again this morning. I stayed in Sunday resting, watching the Mets-Yankees game, and organizing files mostly.


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