Wednesday, June 22, 2011

helping and inspiring others at gilda's

As some of you long-time readers might recall, I used to practice restorative yoga at Gilda's Club in the West Village for a few years after my original diagnosis. Gilda's Club is an organization founded in memory of comedian, Gilda Radner, with clubhouses across the country dedicated to offering free services and outreach in a safe, warm environment to cancer survivors and their families and friends.

Diane, the program's longtime yoga instructor and survivor herself, has a very special gift to make each participant feel at ease and to open up to the possibility of exploring and healing one's self emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Because my schedule is very different now, I'm unable to attend her weekly yoga classes at Gilda's anymore but I will always think of my time there with her and the other students with great fondness and gratitude. Practicing with her at Gilda's was a safe, welcoming place as I wrestled with the questions of life after cancer. With Diane at Gilda's, people are welcomed and inspired to come as they are.

Over Memorial Day, one of our local news stations, WPIX, did a wonderful story about her and her family. Way to go, Diane! Her website is YogaRefreshRenew.


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