Thursday, January 27, 2011

the bridge as muse

With over 15 inches of snow throughout the five boroughs, today's students (and teachers) received a snow day. I've been inside so far today, but plan to go out soon to take some photographs of the wintry mix.

Related to my photography project, yesterday evening I attended "The Bridge as Muse," an enjoyable panel discussion of artists and NYC scholars, at the Museum of the City of New York. The panelists discussed some of the various ways in which the Brooklyn Bridge has shaped America's artistic and cultural life. They also paid significant attention to the city's other spans about which I was pleased. Moreover, the evening was a discussion of how this great icon of America has inspired and transformed their creative vision and artistic work.

Bascove, one of my favorite artists, was one of the panelists. Jonathan Smith was another participant on the panel. He is a photographer, who for the past several years has been working on The Bridge Project: NYC, a photographic exploration and documentation of NYC's many different spans. I wasn't aware of his work until one week ago, when I first read the advertisement for last night's panel discussion. Naturally, I was very interested to learn about his journey and was transfixed when he shared experiences, such as run-ins with the police, while on shoots. I and other photographers, who focus on infrastructure, can relate completely.


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