Tuesday, December 21, 2010

day +1218

Thank you for your generous thoughts following my passionate, heartfelt post last Sunday. Please forgive me for not acknowledging them earlier. On average, my posts have been quite banal since the early days of my recovery, but once in a while I still manage to pop out an whopping piece.

I love photography. I'm on winter break now and have been reveling this opportunity to capture some of the many Harlem River landmarks that are on my long list. On both Sunday and Monday, I braced the frigid dawn to photograph the Hooper Fountain, a graceful 1894-built fountain topped by an elegant lamp, which is located at the corner of 155th Street and Edgecombe Avenue in Harlem. This section of Harlem is known as Sugar Hill and has a rich history. For example, it was the home of the New York Baseball Giants, George Washington's HQ during the Battle of Harlem Heights, and such notables, as Duke Ellington.

This photograph was taken yesterday morning.

It's not bad, but I think I can do better. I might have to go back. In addition to the Hooper Fountain, there are a number of other sites, predominately bridges (of course), that I hope to shoot while on break.

In other news, I was back at Sloan late this afternoon for a scheduled check-up. The report was very good as expected. Nothing new, really. My counts remain stellar: WBC: 8.4, RBC: 4.98, HGB: 16.3. At today's appointment, my next PET scan was scheduled for March, which will be one year since the previous one. I was told that I'll most likely receive another one in 2012 and then, that will be it with regards to scans unless a specific reason warrants it. The Survivorship Program doesn't require scans after 5 years post-transplant assuming that the individual is cancer-free for good. And my next check-up at the hospital is not until late June.

My doctor is, however, looking to see if any of my medications will be tapered or ended completely. Tacrolimus remains the tricky one of the bunch. It was the tapering of this powerful drug that ignited the GVHD flare-up two years ago.


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