Sunday, November 07, 2010

twice by benjamin rubenstein

Since starting this blog in 2005, my life has been enriched by the dozens of amazing people that I've befriended. Many of these inspiring individuals have been fellow cancer bloggers and without a doubt my friend, Benjamin Rubenstein, is amongst them.

For years, Ben has shared his remarkable story of overcoming two cancers - Ewing's Sarcoma and leukemia - through his deftly-named blog, I've Still Got Both My Nuts. Honest, wicked funny, and full of social commentary, it has been one of my favorite surviorship blogs. Ben's journey with cancer is a testament to the human spirit, which is why I'm hopeful that his first-ever published book, Twice: How I Became a Cancer Slaying Superman Before I Turned 21, will find a welcome audience amongst fellow survivors and their families for years to come.

As one can imagine, amongst the dozens and dozens of survivor-genre books that are published each year it can be difficult for a first-time author to have his voice heard clearly. Consequently, that's why I'm making this post in the hope that you can help spread the word about Ben's new book.

Thank you!


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How cool that you would mention Ben's book since he is really funny. Even as someone whose life (thank God) has been untouched by cancer, I loved his stories of what chemo therapy and radiaiton are like. The scene in the sperm bank was priceless!

Your blog is fascinating--kep up the good work.

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