Sunday, November 21, 2010

day +1188

It has been quite awhile since I've gotten up so early to go on an pre-dawn shoot. I woke up at about 4:15 this morning in the hope of capturing the nearby Madison Avenue Bridge against a stunning colored-filled sky. The amazing hues of pink, yellow, and orange that often accompany the sunrise were a bit late in forming due to heavy patches of clouds. And without a neutral density filter, I was be unable to capture the tranquil water without overexposing the brightening sky. So, my experience reminded me to always keep the ND filter on my lens when doing landscapes.

It wasn't a total waste, however. I continue to get more familiar with my new camera. There are a lot of features that I still haven't explored or understand.

The rest of the day so far has been spent writing my statement of purpose for graduate school. I'm looking at enrolling part-time in a Teaching Social Studies for Initial Certification program next fall. It has been a struggle focusing on my statement of purpose, so although I'm tired from waking so early this morning, I feel quite happy about the progress I've made this weekend. My draft is 4 pages long, which is much longer than the 1-2 page limit but I think it's pretty good. Nevertheless, I'll need to cut it down quite a bit. I'm going to ask my mother and sister to review it as well as some colleagues at work before submitting it.


Comment Blogger Jane Steele said...

Hi Duane,
It's been such a long time since I've stopped by and I am so sorry. Your page is as wonderful as ever. I wish I could do what you do, it's amazing.
I was wondering if you could help me find some prizefighters that have battled Leukemia. I have recently been diagnosed with Leukemia. When I went through Lymphoma I met such wonderful people who were going through the same thing and it truly made the battle so much easier. I apologize for not stopping by in so long and then asking for your assistance. I truly hope you are doing well.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Take care,

5:13 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Hey Jane! No worries. I'll email you!

9:21 PM  

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