Wednesday, September 01, 2010

revolutionary saigon

Just enjoyed an awesome dinner at Huong Lai, a top Vietnamese restaurant (by top, I mean, a complete gourmet meal can cost 15-20 bucks) staffed by individuals from poor or disadvantaged homes who are training striving to become professionals in the restaurant and hotel business. Undoubtedly, it was one of the most delicious and memorable that I've had in Vietnam and that's saying a lot as I've enjoyed some kick-ass food here. The food here rocks. You can eat so well here for so little and Ho Chi Minh City is proving itself to be a wonderful place to dive in and explore.

This afternoon, I visited the Reunification or Independence Palace, which used to be seat of the South Vietnamese government. Famously in 1975, its gates were smashed open by North Vietnamese tanks which then went on to penetrate the palace's grounds and whose forces planted the Liberation flag atop its edifice just as the last Americans were hurrying to escape atop the US Embassy.

Tomorrow I will check out some more revolutionary history.


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