Sunday, September 05, 2010

back home

I'm home!

After a 12-hour flight from Narita, I arrived at JFK a little after 6pm and got home a bit after 8 due to heavy traffic. I'm still quite tired, but feeling ok.

Early this afternoon, I went for a much needed haircut and shave. I look like a different man now!

I will update more soon!


Comment Anonymous EFG said...

SAFE and SOUND !!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:59 PM  
Comment Blogger Jennifer said...

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4:16 PM  
Comment Blogger Jennifer said...

Truly remarkable! I have been praying for you Duane along this once in a lifetime journey. There is no one more deserving than you. I have tried to live a little vicariously through you. :)

Wishing you warm healing energy to regain all of your strength.

Love & Prayers,

4:19 PM  
Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome home! I hope you'll post lots more photographs of your travels! I'd like to see any pics you took of the Bund in Shanghai. There was a lot of construction going on when we went last year, so we didn't really get to walk along that area.

Janet (Quetzal1)

2:03 PM  
Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome Home! Hope to see you soon,
Rick and Laury

4:58 PM  

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