Thursday, August 26, 2010

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Rice Fields of Sapa,Vietnam

Sapa, Vietnam

Yangshou, China
Above are some recent snapshots. Again, the vast majority of the shots I've taken have been in RAW.
August 21st marked three years since my allo transplant. Wow. Three years. . . .
Vietnam has been great. I'm digging it. Much more relaxed than eastern China. This morning, my hired motorbike guide drove me to the UNESCO ruins of the ancient Champa kingdom at My Son, which is about 1 hour north of Hoi An. We left Hoi An at about 5:30 this morning to beat the tour bus crowd. It was great. The weather was warm and lovely. One of the most beautiful days so far in Vietnam. Feeling in my element, I took loads of photographs. Often throughout my travels, I've felt as if the quality of my images have been poor but this morning at Champa, I think I did okay.
From My Son, we then went on to the Marble Mountains famous for its marble quarries, of course. At one of its sites, there are fascinating caves decorated with shrines to the Buddha and other Buddhist and Hindu dieties.
Back in Hue, where I was prior to coming to Hoi An, I visited a few famous sites nearby and in what was the DMZ during the Vietnam War. Traveling around Vietnam today, one would not know that there was such a bloody and devestating conflict here not that long ago. Life bustles on and when I tell people that I'm American, there is no palpable animosity or resentment. However, all along Highway One in and around the DMZ are cemeteries of the Vietnamese war dead. Powerful and sad. Eventhough I of course was born years after the conflict ended and have no honest connection with it or its veterans, my heart felt heavy with shame for the unneccessary destruction and death that the US created. It was illuminating to there.
Tomorrow I plan to spend the morning and early afternoon doing something that I have yet to really do: explore Hoi An. Then, at 4 I will participate in a Vietnamese cooking course. Should be fun!


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Great pics Duane,have a safe trip back home.

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Thanks! :D

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