Saturday, August 07, 2010

in hong kong

After about 3 weeks of traveling in China, I'm finally able to post something. On the mainland, Facebook and Blogger (the Google service I use to host my blog) are practically banned. Hence, the long absence. But here in Hong Kong, where I arrived late this afternoon from Hangzhou, both Internet services are accessible. Except in the realm of foreign policy and something else which I can't recall right now, Hong Kong is free to administer itself. This is what the Chinese refer to as: "one country, two systems."

China has been great. A very different place in many ways from some of the other countries that I've visited. It's huge. I mean huge. It takes a lot of time to travel between cities. In this respect, it's very similar to the US. My original itinerary was a bit too ambitious which the time that I allotted for travel here. As a result, I've had to take some places off my list for the sake of time and ease. I also decided to not visit Cambodia from Vietnam because of this very thing. Had I visited Cambodia as planned, I would have had only 3 weeks in China but I realized that 3 weeks was way too short. I needed more time. So, I took the week devoted to Cambodia and transferred it to China giving me 4 weeks here and still leaving me with about 12-14 days in Vietnam.

There's so much to type, but it's about 10:35pm here and the cafe is about to close. So, I hope to continue from where I left off again soon.

Be well!


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