Wednesday, July 07, 2010

in busan

I'm in Busan, South Korea. I arrived here safety aboard the Hanjin Yantian at 3pm local time on July 7th. Since my arrival, I've been staying with a great, longtime Vassar friend, another Chris, here in Busan, Korea's largest port city. I might be here for another day before heading northwards as I make my way to Seoul before leaving for Beijing on the 21st.

It was an amazing voyage. I boarded the vessel knowing nothing about the shipping industry, ships, and the lives and responsibilities of seamen, but know so much more now. The guys aboard the Hanjin taught me so much. I hope to share more of this in a later post. It was truly great: one of the most enlightening trips ever, which has started to make me think of this summer vacation as the "summer of firsts:"

  • First time on the West Coast
  • First time in California
  • First time in San Francisco
  • First time in Oakland
  • First time in Washington State
  • First time in Seattle
  • First time seeing the Pacific Ocean
  • First time boarding a freighter
  • First time traveling abroad alone since my cancer diagnosis
  • First time traveling traveling across the Pacific Ocean or any ocean by sea
  • First time in Asia
  • First time in South Korea
  • First time in China
  • First time in Vietnam

Approaching the port of Busan on the afternoon of July 7th.

Need to double check but believe this was snapped south of Alaska's Aleutian Islands on a very typical day: cool and foggy.

I observed a fire drill during one of my last days on board.

"Chop-chop." This is seamen's lingo for mealtime. The crew had an BBQ outside on B-deck during a cool, foggy afternoon in the north Pacific.

I hope to post more about my voyage to the Asia and more about my time in South Korea soon. Chris, a Korean colleague of his, and I will be attending a baseball game in Busan tonight. Should be lots of fun: Korean style!

Please know that all is well.


Comment Anonymous EFG said...

WOW so glad to get an update

4:38 PM  
Comment Blogger missingheart said...

So glad to hear you made it safely! Have an AMAZING time!

Sarah & Scott

8:57 AM  
Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is all wonderful...what an adventure. I am so happy for you. And you look the part...that shot on look just like an old Salt. Bravo! and a continuous bon voyage...more "firsts."

Your old Friend and a former "salt" himself...Tom

8:51 PM  

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