Sunday, April 25, 2010

the week that passed

This past week was overly busy. Just about every day I had something going on after work returning home late, which I imagine is partly why I find myself with a cold right now.

Monday's opening art show at Sloan went very, very well. Dozens of friends stopped by to check out my photographs. It was wonderful catching up with friends and and others, some of whom I hadn't seen for some time. To my sincere surprise, a few of them even purchased my work. At the end of Monday night, 6/7 were sold in addition to at least two requests for copies. I haven't had the chance to call or stop by the office to find out if the very last photograph of the interior of the Gould Memorial Library was sold, but I plan to swing by on Tuesday late afternoon.

For only $5 (processing fee), I attended an all-Mozart concert at Carnegie Hall on Friday night. It was my very first time listening to a musical performance there. For only $20 a year, Club Freetime sends out email blasts of free concerts, plays, comedy performances, lectures, and more in New York City.

Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 23 in A Major, K. 488 followed by his Mass in C Minor, K. 427 were performed by Musica Sacra. To my surprise, I sat in seat 110, row B just two back from the stage directly in front of the pianist. For 5 bucks, I was floored by the seats! Never had I ever sat so close to the stage.

I was very tired Friday night, but I'm happy I stuck with it and went to the performance.


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