Tuesday, February 16, 2010

all is beautiful

Late yesterday afternoon (day +909), I revisited the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway at East 96th Street beside the East River. Many months had passed since I was there, but this time I had my new 10-24mm lens.

Sunday morning was quite pleasant. The temperature was noticeably warmer and the sun was shining unimpeded. However, at about the time I left home for the subway to go downtown, the clouds thickened beginning to blanket the area in front of the expected snowstorm.

At first, I wasn't too excited about the gray, overcast image captured above, but after looking at it more and more, I've become a bit smitten. I have a tendency to try to capture these spectacular, sunny landscapes, but of course this isn't the complete picture. Reality is never so rosy. These scenes of apparent dreariness are equally part of the picture and just as interesting. These scenes possess their own special beauty and also help to balance the narrative.

Nevertheless, there are some aspects of this photograph that I want to improve. As a result, I'll be back. Not today but another afternoon.


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