Saturday, February 06, 2010

new lens

After much thought and months of saving, I finally made the first big investment since upgrading from a point-and-shoot to a DSLR. Last weekend, I purchased a 10-24mm, which is an ultra wide angle zoom lens. I used it for the first time on this overcast, frigid afternoon.

After meeting two Vassar friends for brunch, I was around Columbus Circle where I snapped this shot of the Time Warner building with my new lens.

The forecast looks much improved tomorrow. I plan go out again to explore more with this lens.


Comment Blogger Kelly Kane said...

The new lens rocks!! You're shooting like Ry Ry now :)

10:02 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

It's awesome, isn't it.

But like Ry Ry? No way. :) He's the Zen master!!

10:18 PM  
Comment Anonymous Eileen said...

wow what a cool shot.
glad you got the new lens

9:28 AM  

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