Saturday, January 23, 2010

day +886

This coming week I have a number of little projects that are due, so I plan to stay in this weekend to work on them. However, I spent a bit of yesterday evening (day +885) back on the Washington Bridge seeking to improve my earlier shots of the rush hour traffic across the Harlem River.

After visiting a colleague after work on Friday who has been ill , I rushed to the 103rd Street subway station to catch the 1 train uptown to W. 181st Street. I was running a bit late. I had planned to be at the station a bit earlier, but had left work late. Sunset was set for 5:01 pm, so I was hoping to be at my shooting spot at least 15 minutes prior, although in reality the captivating colors of the dusk sky aren't at their peak until about 15 minutes after the sun goes down.

When photographing dawn or dusk, preparation is very important. Ideally, one wants to be at their shooting spot at least 15 minutes before the scheduled sunset in order to scout the scene out (especially if its a first-time visit) and setup the necessary camera equipment. During dawn and dusk, the magical light is fleeting. One has only a couple of minutes to capture the setting in optimal lighting. So, if one can arrive at the location in time to prepare without worry that's huge.

I arrived at my spot on the Washington Bridge at just about 5:01pm and was able to set up my camera and tripod rather quickly. So, in the end, there wasn't a problem. I stood there waiting a bit before the full splendor of the twilight evening was manifested. And I was lucky this evening, because the sky was especially lovely. Violet, orange, and yellow hues enveloped the cityscape.

I like this image of the streaking lights a lot, but it's not as sharp as I want. It's blurry due to shaking. I'll definitely be back for a retake. The greenish light in the distance to the left is the Empire State Building. Pretty neat, heh?

One of the great features of the Washington Bridge is that unlike most of the city's bridges, there are sections of its pedestrian walkways which offer unobstructed views. It's a gem in terms of shooting opportunities.

In other news, Sloan updated the banner of their Living Beyond Cancer website. At the top of the page, you'll see me grinning beside a very close family friend. Check it out!


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These sunset pictures are awesome! I think you need to sell your stuff!! XO

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