Sunday, January 10, 2010

bauhaus and the manhattan bridge

After work on Friday, I headed downtown to check out the MOMA's Bauhaus: Workshops for Modernity, 1919 - 1933, a fascinating retrospective of the cultural and political history of this famous artistic movement.

Admission is free after 4pm on Fridays, so the museum was packed but I was able to explore the entire exhibition without a problem. I still haven't seen the Tim Burton show there, but it will continue to April, so I have time.

Yesterday as I was browsing Lonely Planet's website for some information, I came upon the following video and essay about the beautiful but largely ignored Manhattan Bridge, one of the four major East River crossings.

I obviously missed the New Year's Eve party celebrating the Manhattan Bridge's 100th birthday. Maybe I'll join the fête for its 101st!

Some time ago, the NYT published an interesting article about the different city bridges that were having anniversaries.


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