Saturday, December 05, 2009

long-term survivorship

Cure has informative articles detailing the potential late and long-term effects of cancer treatment and in particular, stem cell transplantation.

The Late and Long-Term Effects of Stem Cell Transplantation

The Long-Term Survivor

Reading these two articles, I felt that eerie, piercing heaviness that comes with facing one's frailty and mortality; it is something that we survivors are all too familiar with.

I'm reminded of all the worse case scenarios that I was cautioned about before I signed up for the transplant. I'm not worried about them. I don't dwell on them. But they're there. That's life. That's a part of what I signed up for: the chance at a cancer-free and a relatively normal life though with its share of potential, perhaps life-threatening risks.

Like I said, I can't dwell on what might happen, because I have absolutely no idea about what will actually happen. I can, however, devote energy to those things that I do have control over and rejoice in the life (though forever challenged and changed) that I do enjoy so much.


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the long-term effects and continuing care is the one piece of the pie that is lacking in all of the cancer innovations. I know I am an extreme case of what can go wrong but I don't feel like they have learned anything from it. Dissapointing.

Agreed that you just have to keep moving forward and enjoy the life you are given.

Thanks for the article.

Heather Z.

9:20 AM  

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