Saturday, December 19, 2009

christmas break is here

Thursday was the last day before the break. It was a half-day.

My first three months teaching have gone quite well despite some bumps along the way. All in all, I've learned a lot and find the school's atmosphere to be a very positive one. So, although my assignment as a parental leave replacement was temporary, I'm pleased to report that I've been asked to stay on.

During the break, I look forward to doing a couple of different things. For starters, my room is in a bit of a mess. So, I am in the process of cleaning and organizing it now. Also, I'm getting myself back on an exercise schedule, which is something I did quite faithfully until about a month ago.

There are also a couple of museum exhibitions that I want to see the first of which I visited Friday afternoon. The Museum of the City of New York's Legacy: The Preservation of Wilderness in New York City Parks is right down my alley. It's a photographic journey of NYC's natural landscape focusing on its parks and the waterfront. Covering all five boroughs through all seasons, it's a captivating tour of the city's famous and little-known verdant and marine refuges. From the MCNY, I headed south to the Guggenheim to check out the temporary exhibition on Kadinsky only to find out that the museum was closing in about 30 minutes. More importantly, admission is a whopping $18.00! After learning this, I left rather promptly figuring that I'd return on one of their suggested admission nights. In place of the Guggenheim, I walked a few blocks south to the Met, where I spent most of my time exploring its Korean, Chinese, Indian, and Tibetan collections before taking a quick sweep of a portion of its medieval and Renaissance art.

There are a few other shows I plan to check out before the end of the break, such as Tim Burton and Bauhaus 1919-1933: Workshops for Modernity at the MOMA.

With regards to films, Avatar and Crazy Heart are on my list.

There hasn't been much time for pleasure reading recently, so I hope to do a bit of that too.

With the massive snow blizzard beginning to leave what is expected to be a significant downfall across NYC tonight, I plan to head out tomorrow morning for a bit of winter photography. Having been inspired by Joel Meyerowitz's work at the MCNY, it should be fun.

On Monday, I see my primary doctor and then, on Tuesday, I see my nurse practitioner at Sloan for a checkup.

Finally, on a totally unrelated note, recently I've been wondering how some people manage to tie their scarfs so wonderfully. These fashionable New Yorkers know how to coil their scarfs transforming them into lovely accessories to their winter wardrobe. So, what better way to find the answer than to google: how to tie a scarf. Not surprisingly, Google has an answer. A number of links were listed. One of my favorites is this one from GQ:

What can't you find online?


Comment Blogger missingheart said...

Merry Christmas, Duane! I'm so glad to hear that you've been asked to stay on in your job - it's truly a testament to what an amazing teacher you must be!

Wishing you a peaceful and warm Christmas,
Sarah and Scott

12:09 AM  

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