Sunday, November 08, 2009

day +810

The past two weeks have been very busy. I've felt a little overwhelmed at times, but continue to press forward giving it my best.

Prior to two weeks ago, it had been my custom (more or less) to exercise in the morning before preparing to leave for work, but I've been too tired to do so. I pushed the snooze button on my alarm clock in favor of that coveted extra hour. And of course, when I returned home in the evening, there would be absolutely no desire to hop on the stationary bike.

The World Series didn't help much either. With most games ending around midnight, I felt exhausted the next day. Thankfully, the Yankees won and the Series is over, so I can get some rest.

I have wondered if I'm taking on too much right now. Aside from teaching, I try to participate in a number of activities after work. I continue to tutor adults on Monday evenings after work. On Tuesday evenings, I try to attend these great Buddhist lectures downtown, but have missed several during the past weeks because I get home so late from them.

As expected, I haven't been shooting like I had been before working. So, when I can - the weekends only so far - I try to get outside to catch something.

Volunteering at the food rescue program is one Saturday per month, so that's not bad.

When it comes to blogging (and responding to personal e-mails), it's left to the weekend. That's the only time when I'm able to catch up and even then, I tend to be brief.

The issue of time management is something I'm working on. I'm giving this job my all, but I also think it's important I continue to keep my other passions aflame when possible. How do I balance it all? Can I do it all and still feel relaxed?

In medical-related news, I was informed this past week that one of the 8 medications - Prevacid (Lansoprazole) - that I've been taking ever since my transplant is no longer needed. I was hoping that at least some of the others, notably Multivitamin and Folic Acid, would share the same fate but no. So, there are 7 now but hey, it's one less so that's really good news.

In addition to this, I'll be seeing a nurse practitioner going forward. No more appointments with Dr. C-M unless needed. Two years out, I'm at a stage now in which my care has been transferred to Sloan's new Allogeneic Transplant Survivorship Program. All my follow-ups will go through this program now and its nurse practitioner, whom I've met. She works closely with Dr. C-M and will be informed of my progress. Of course, if my health begins to go downhill, he'll be there.

The prizefighter pushes on. . . .


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

Transplant Survivorship Program - SUH-WEET!!!!

9:49 AM  
Comment Blogger missingheart said...

Congrats on dropping a medication and stepping up into a new program! Must feel like stepping across a finishing line, even though it's just one more stage of the race. Sending big hugs!

Sarah and Scott

6:28 PM  
Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

fantastic news to graduate to transplant SURVIVORSHIP program!!

however I vote not to wear yourself out too much while you have your teaching job!
you can always pick up all the activities at a later date.


1:56 PM  
Comment Blogger laulausmamma said...

HI Duane - so glad that you are healthy and able to enjoy such a busy life. That IS the prize after your long fight to get to this point. Don't wear yourself've waited a long time to get to this point...enjoy teaching, volunteering, shooting the NY bridges and all the things you have come to love in your life...and remember to take care of your health too so you can continue doing all these things.

Sending loving ((HUGS)) as always,

11:06 PM  
Comment Anonymous Mike Barrea said...

Fight the good fight... You inspire us all...

1:31 PM  

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