Thursday, October 08, 2009

a cheer to friendships and life

After work yesterday, I had an appointment with my therapist, Dr. R, whom I hadn't seen for at least a month. Normally I see him every other week, but with the start of a new job and a calendar full of commitments after work recently, it has been difficult scheduling. So, it was really wonderful to catch up with a familiar face.

Walking south along Second Avenue, I picked up a couple of lovely sunflowers to give to the three special women whom I was on my way to see next. I met up with my mom and EFG at a cafe nearby Sloan-Kettering, where together we joined Clare at the hospital's 14th annual Celebration for Stem Cell Transplant Survivors. This was my second year there. The place was packed. Dozens and dozens of SCT survivors were in attendance with friends and family. Doctors and nurses celebrated too. It was a very festive occasion. To an outsider, no one would ever suspect that these jovial, beautiful individuals had been through so much. Life - stubborn, beautiful, bright - filled the room.

I caught up with a couple of my SCT buddies and had the chance to meet a few new folks as well. One of the people whom I befriended is an impressive, young woman, who had a SCT for Hodgkin's at Sloan a little over a year ago. It so happpened that it was her sister, who had accompanied her along with some friends, that noticed me in the animated crowd. I guess it was the name tag on my blazer. Not expecting anything of the sort, I was completely surprised when she told me how helpful my blog had been to her and her sister through their transplant journey. Humbled, I thanked her. I was really at a loss for words.

So, here's a cheer to friendships - old and new - and to life - stubborn, beautiful, and bright!


Comment Blogger Zoe said...

name tag? are you kidding, you're like a celebrity to us!
it was so cool to finally meet you :)

3:21 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

You're way too generous. :D

I hope we can catch up at some point.

11:46 PM  

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