Saturday, September 26, 2009

missing her

At least two weeks have passed since I last photographed anything. Busy familiarizing myself with my new job coupled with a number of meetings and commitments after work have limited my free time.

Last weekend, the weather was terrific but I stayed inside to prepare lessons for the week ahead. I had hoped to go on an evening shoot on Randall's Island this past Friday after work, but didn't make it. Already tired from a long day at school, I was stuck in crosstown traffic much longer than expected. By the time I finally got off the bus at 125th and Lexington to catch the connecting bus to Randall's Island, the sun had already set and I was exhausted. By now, I just wanted to go home, so I did.

This morning, I slept in late and tomorrow the forecast is rainy.

Perhaps next week, I'll be able to photograph.

I'm up regularly before the crack of dawn now. And each morning I see the stunning twilight sky break above the Bronx, my heart aches a bit. For in it, I see a missed opportunity to shoot a spectacular scene. Sadness there is. But wonder and humility there is too.

I'm eager to shoot by the river again. I miss her in the early morning.


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