Sunday, July 19, 2009

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Like so many, I've been reading articles and watching reports commemorating man's Moon landing 40 years ago tomorrow. The story, of course, has been told countless times. Its accomplishment is almost taken for granted now, and sadly, seemingly distant - a hole in one in time - since human space exploration hasn't achieved much since its golden days. As some of the articles below indicated correctly, it seems like we're glorifying NASA's past achievements more because of a sheer absence of inspiring feats in the realm of human exploration since 1969. And though as the hopeless optimist, I'd like to believe that 1969 marked some seminal moment in the evolution of man's consciousness of his place in the cosmos and his co-dependency on others, the evidence is mixed. War, intolerance, economic inequality, and nationalism continue. It's important to remember that fundamentally this race to the Moon was indeed a political contest between two nuclear armed superpowers, who sought to win new prestige for their embattled political ideologies.

We Choose the Moon is a very cool, interactive website that allows you to track and listen to in real time every step of the Apollo 11 crew's journey to the Moon.

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