Monday, June 08, 2009

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Yesterday's Rock & Run went incredibly well. I did have to take a nap when I returned home that afternoon. Though I didn't walk or run the 5K, I think the constant sun exposure tired me out by the end of the event. I imagine I wasn't alone.

Hundreds and hundreds of people showed up at Pier 84 on the Hudson River (just south of the U.S.S. Intrepid) on what was a picture perfect day. The forecast was the in low 80s with clear skies. Survivors and their family, friends, nurses, hospital all congregated in a festive spirit of activity and celebration for life.

The first-place winner of last year's 5k run and I had the honor of launching things off by blowing the starting horn of the race. After that I had spent the remainder of my time there socializing with my sister, friends, and others.

Perhaps the most pleasant surprise for me was seeing my high school track team participating in the 5K run. Someone at the high school informed the president of my NYT essay when it was published and he then contacted me. So, about three weeks ago I visited my high school for the first time in several years. I caught the new president up to speed with my life and involvement with MSKCC and afterward, I talked to a few of my old teachers. Reading about the Rock & Run on my blog, the president told me that he would try to get the track team involved.

When I arrived at Pier 84 Sunday morning, guess who had assembled at the front of the running pack eager to get started? My alma mater's high school track team. It was a humbling sight. Before the race started, I got the chance to introduce myself to them (mostly sophomores and juniors) and we took a few photos together.

Not surprisingly, a few of them finished in the top ten.

I don't know if Rock & Run raised more money or if more people attended than last year. I sure hope so. If the vibrant, spirited atmosphere was any sign of its success, then I'd have to guess yes. Regardless, however, it was quite wonderful seeing New Yorkers of all ages and backgrounds celebrating together, hopeful about this new lease on life, and striving to ensure that others can also share the joy of life beyond cancer.


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