Tuesday, June 16, 2009

bascove @ the arsenal

One of my favorite contemporary artists, Bascove, has an exhibition of her Central Park bridges at the Arsenal Gallery on 64th and Fifth Avenue. Titled A Walk in the Park, this art exhibition will begin on Thursday, June 18th and run through August 13th. I look forward to checking it out soon.

In addition to capturing the bridges of Central Park in her signature dreamy style, she is perhaps most famous for painting New York City's other bridges - both the famous and marginalized (such as my Harlem River spans).

She's one of the most creative interpreters of this town's cityscape that I know. A true master.

Stone and Steel, which is a mesmerizing pictorial and literary journey that pays homage to New York City's bridges, remains one of my favorite and most inspiring art books. It's a gem. Anyone interested in New York City, I'm sure, will enjoy this book.

Tonight I found out that she'll be at an event in late July at the Arsenal. I hope to make it.


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