Sunday, April 19, 2009

notes from my visit to the podiatrist

My appointment last week with my podiatrist went well. He told me that though GVHD and the Tacrolimus I'm taking make it difficult to diagnose precisely the cause of the pain emanating from the right arch of my right foot, he thinks is it is a "bio-mechanical" problem. The arch, he said, is inflammed due to added pressure caused by the way I'm walking. This sounds so strange, however, because I feel like I'm walking the same way that I always have. The problems with my feet didn't arise until about the time the GVHD appeared last summer.

Like Dr. C-M, he stated that the immunosuppressive drug, Tacrolimus, is likely responsible for some of the neuropathy. I asked about an X-ray, but he said it wouldn't show anything. An MRI might, but it's crazy expensive he went on to say, and at least for the moment, it is best to try other remedies first.

I was told to continue the stretching exercises as well as massage. Ice the right arch as often as possible to alleviate the inflammation. Ideally twice a day. Stay off the right foot whenever possible.

There are medications I can take, but we were in agreement that they weren't necessary. I'm on way too many meds already. I don't need more. The other more appealing option he offered if the pain doesn't improve in a few months is to receive an anti-inflammatory injection. There are, however, no guarantees. For some people, one or two injections take care of the problem for good. Yet for others, the relief is temporary. I'll try the remedies he recommended and see what happens.


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