Thursday, April 09, 2009

making friends along the way

I forgot to mention that at Monday's appointment Dr. C-M suggested I see a podiatrist too. So, this morning I scheduled an appointment for next week. My podiatrist may be able to offer some more information about the nature of the problem and how the pain can be alleviated.

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of finally meeting Erin and Zach, two amazing individuals. Interestingly, they're both Hodge survivors. Erin is fine, but Zach, unfortunately, continues to fight this dreaded disease. He was diagnosed back in 2002, a year before me, and like me, has received rounds and rounds of different treatments.

Like with many other survivors online, we've developed a friendship going back a few years. It so happened that they were in town this week and so, we were able to meet.

Of course, I never would have wished for cancer, but because of it I feel richer and more inspired by the dozens and dozens of remarkable individuals whom I've gotten to know (in person and virtually) along the way.


Comment Blogger Kelly Kane said...

I totally agree with you my friend. I never wished for cancer, but I am glad to have been blessed to have the opportunity to meet so many amazing people because of it. And given the perspective that all of life's little problems aren't as big when you've beaten cancer ;)


10:42 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Here, here. :)

8:06 AM  
Comment Blogger Jessie O said...

How timely... I was just thinking the same thing yesterday.

9:46 PM  
Comment Blogger laulausmamma said...

So happy to hear that you got to meet Erin and Zach...I was hoping you would while they were in NYC.

((HUGS)) from another friend you've met personally because of cancer.


2:04 AM  

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