Monday, April 13, 2009

focused and at ease

As many of you know, I've been trying to get my foot in the door as a teacher. I've submitted my resume to a number of schools and was planning to do a lot more of this today. But this past weekend, something hit me quite suddenly and profoundly. Rather than struggling to land an entry level teaching position in this difficult job market, I began thinking that it may be best for me to return to school. Presently, I'm competing with individuals who have both their teaching certificate as well as teaching experience. Not to mention their MA in Education. Not having any of these and considering the tightness of the job market, it is doubtful that I'll land anything soon. As a result, I should take this moment to prepare for the future hopeful that teaching opportunities will be more available in about a year. So, I've shifted my attention to returning to grad school.

During the past year, I've thought about a number of different career paths. At any one time, there were at least 3 different jobs that I was contemplating. But for the first time (I can't explain quite how) I feel rather focused and at ease about the prospect of becoming a secondary history/social studies teacher. I feel like I might have discovered finally what it is I want to do.


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm just a stranger, but i genuinely do think the world of you (and your writing). as a teacher myself, i cannot imagine how lucky your future potential students would be to have you.

6:49 PM  
Comment Blogger Kelly Kane said...

Hey Duane -

I'm so excited for you finally figuring out what you want to do! I hope I figure it out someday as well :) Might as well head back to school, it's a good time to be there! I bet you could get some cancer scholarships too! Check out th i2y and the SamFund sites.


10:33 PM  
Comment Blogger Bekah said...


You are going to make an a-mazing teacher. Not only are you passionate about history, but I you're passionate about people.

The school districts, once you finish your degree are going to eat you up. It is honestly, the BEST profession you could land in...

Here's to future plans, feeling focused, and loving work so much -- that it feels like play :)

Tons of Love,

4:05 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Stranger or not, I feel very humbled by your glowing comments. Thanks anonymous, Kelly, and Bekah!

This week I'll meet a few educators to get some ideas about how best to go forward. I'll be sure to keep everyone informed. Thanks again! :D

5:39 PM  
Comment Blogger missingheart said...

Cheers, Duane! Congrats on figuring out what you want to do - I'm still working on that myself! You will be AMAZING!


1:13 PM  
Comment Blogger Neil Wiernik said...

Hi Duane
that is so cool!!!!!!!! Im so HAPPY for you!!!!
I was on the same path as you are now right before I relapsed... in fact I had done all the research to prepare myself to go to grad school so that I can come out do exactly that teach social sciences to high school kids... I had to put the breaks on that process for now while Im in treatment again. I think its interesting that you and I have that similar goal being that your one of my first online HL friends...
and share a love for not only life and thriving but for photography and sharing ideas with people in the form of teaching and passing down ideas. I wish you all the best with your new lifed path and I hope that one day soon Ill be right behind you on a similar path once Im done with my a-sct (I completed salvage chemo yesterday by the way, so step one in the process is hopefully over with, scans in 10 days will tell whats next). any how once again I wish you the best of luck on your new path in life, you will make an amazing teacher and mentor to young people every where!!!! take care and be well

1:09 AM  

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