Saturday, April 25, 2009

pleasant surprises by the lake

Last evening at the Frick, the subject of our class' discussion was Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot's 1861 painting, The Lake.

There are a number of works at the Frick that I tend to gravitate to whenever I'm there. I'm sure every museumphile has theirs. But The Lake for some reason wasn't one of them. Analyzing the painting amidst other spirited young adults, I knew that I had seen it many times before but clearly, it hadn't made an indelible impression like others in the museum's collection. More surprisingly, in conversation with the other participants I learned that this piece had always been a favorite of many of them.

I suppose my past indifference to it was due in large measure to its drab, uniform impression at first glance. But as I discovered yesterday evening, Corot's painting is incredibly rich and nuanced and yes, even colorful. This dreamy-like piece offers a lot of playfulness to the imagination.

Having the willingness to see the familiar, the mundane, or even the averse with fresh eyes and an open heart can reveal the most pleasant surprises. That's what I was reminded of last night.


Comment Anonymous Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

You continue to do credit to the cancer blogging community - a wonderful example of personal growth in the face of adversity. I added you to my Cancer Blogs Links Page. Take care, Dennis

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