Friday, April 24, 2009

cancer news

Today's NYT has two interesting articles about the continuing challenges in the decades long "war on cancer."

Advances Elusive in the Long Drive to Cure Cancer

As Other Death Rates Fall, Cancer's Scarcely Moves


Comment Blogger Kelly Kane said...

Hey Duane -

Thanks for sharing :) I even commented on the the Advances Elusive in the Long Drive to Cure Cancer article and I never comment on the NYT. I'm a little late to the party though, I'm almost the 300th comment, you should read some of the stupid things people have said. Including some people that said that's how the population stays balanced because when people get cancer they're supposed to die. I hope he gets cancer. Assholes.

Hope you're well.


9:01 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Hey Kelly,

After reading ur comment, I checked out some of the article's comments and indeed, some are a bit insensitive at the very least.

It's really nice hearing from you. Stay well, friend.

3:46 PM  
Comment Blogger Kelly Kane said...


7:36 PM  

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