Saturday, March 28, 2009


I continue to be quite busy with matters related to my photography project. Last week, I attended the Third Annual BCEQ Water Conference at Manhattan College in the Bronx, where I met a good number of very interesting individuals who are working diligently to transform the Harlem River into an attractive and sustainable destination for New Yorkers and visitors alike.

And then on Wednesday evening, I attended another lecture by Dr. Horenstein on the history, culture, and recreational past of this marginalized but fascinating waterway. His talk was held at the Arsenal at 64th and Fifth Avenue. This impressive building, which is the headquarters for the NYC Parks Department, used to be a munitions depository during the mid-19th century. Hence, its name.

At both events, I was able to network and I'm beginning to see some of the same people again and again. This circle of political, non-governmental, recreational, and civilian interest in the future of NYC's waterfront appears to be small. Most people know each other. Like with anything, it's great when one can find others who are passionate about the same thing. Attending these events and talking to its participants, it's clear that the Harlem River Valley possesses great potential. Each of us - whether its through the arts, education, recreation, community activism, or politics - can all help in this common effort to restore this river's former greatness. Such discoveries give me continued hope that an audience for my work exists.

At the same time, I'm preparing the five photographs that will be displayed at Sloan's upcoming patient art show. As planned, all of the images are nocturnal.

This coming Monday begins my first day as an adult literacy tutor. Training was completed several weeks ago, but I was waiting to be placed. Now that's complete and I'm eager to start.

The job hunt continues. Many of the schools are still on break, but I hope to hear some word in the next few weeks.


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Congratulations on completing the Adult Literecy program, it sounds real exciting.

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