Tuesday, March 17, 2009

cultivating fearlessness

The essence of cowardice is to not acknowledge the reality of fear. Fear takes many forms. We are afraid of death, we are afraid that we can't handle the demands of our life, and there is abrupt fear, or panic, when new situations occur. Fear is expressed as restlessness: how we move, how we talk, how we chew our nails, how we sometimes put our hands in our pockets uselessly. We have to realize our fear and reconcile ourselves with fear. However, acknowledging fear is not a cause for depression. Because we possess such fear, we can potentially experience fearlessness.

-Chogyam Trungpa


Comment Blogger Kathy - Eric's Mom said...

Hi Duane,

I love this quote from Trungpa - I heard it for the first time 10 days ago and now find it on your blog too. Facing fears - lots to think about.


4:38 PM  

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