Thursday, February 19, 2009

pretty frightening!

Tuesday's NYT article about the scary challenges of the uninsured young adult population in the United States is pretty frightening: For Uninsured Young Adults, Do-It-Yourself Health Care. Read the comments left by readers as well. offers a vast amount of information for young adult survivors as well as the larger survivor population. With regards to the costs of cancer care, check this out.


Comment Blogger Candace Kuchinski said...

Anyone being uninsured and taking a gamble on their continued health infuriates me. Where would that kind of thinking have gotten us? I would not have been able to move past the "cancer chapter" of my life if I had all that debt hanging over my head. Of course, you can't impress upon a healthy person the importance of having insurance over other life luxuries , but I also understand that sometimes premiums simply aren't doable. That's why I support medicare for all - the single payer health care plan. It's a real bill in Congress - H.R. 676. I collected signatures for it during the November election. The lucky people who already had insurance through their employers did not want to sign their support. That's the trouble. We fail to consider what's best for the whole if we are not affected personally.

The comment section of the NYT article was closed for discussion, so thanks Duane for letting me use your blog to comment on this issue.

4:59 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Hey Candace,

Always feel free to leave a message. Comments are welcomed always.

BTW, sorry I missed you when you guys where in the area. ;) Hope all is well.

11:11 AM  
Comment Blogger Kelly Kane said...

I read that article too! Although I racked up some debt during hodge treatment, it wasn't due to my health insurance. Thankfully, it covered everything.... now if only they didn't make me pay taxes on disability payments, I'd be $3,000 less in debt!

I just can't imagine fighting cancer without insurance and having hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt... ugh.

Let's move to Scotland ;)

9:43 PM  

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