Sunday, January 18, 2009

it's a beautiful thing

Tuesday is shaping up to be an amazingly wonderful day for America and the world. In talking to family, countless friends, and strangers as well as keeping up with the news, it's clear that despite the country's economic difficulties there's a palpable feeling of optimism and hope in the future. Even people who didn't vote for Obama are acknowledging this hopefulness. Obama isn't going to perform miracles. Serious challenges will remain and I'm sure we'll disagree on some of his decisions, but after a period in which we, the American people, have felt like our voices were marginalized and that power was grossly abused and mismanaged, it seems like we finally have someone in the White House who is listening, eager for our participation, and ready to make positive changes.

It's thrilling to see this injection of vitality in American democracy. To see people of all backgrounds and stripes engaged and united, fearless and ready to work, is a beautiful thing.

I'll be glued to the tube on Inauguration Day.


Comment Anonymous zach and erin r. said...

Thank you for sending Zach a b-day card. It was great and gave us a good laugh! =)
Hope you are having a great weekend, Duane!

5:53 PM  
Comment Anonymous EFG said...

I agree with you expressions about what Tuesday means for America.
I am so excited that I can hardly sleep.

I don't plan to leave my house at all on Tuesday so let's chat.


4:48 AM  
Comment Blogger Michelle said...

YES, i too will be glued to the tube tomorrow!!

I am beyond excited at this point!! Did you know that Obama officially becomes president at
12 noon whether or not he is sworn in?? I am sure you knew that, i didn't so i thought it was interesting!!!!

1:25 PM  
Comment Blogger Sarah said...

Hey, Duane!

I'm here in DC to attend the inauguration, I drove up from Durham two days ago. I'm so psyched to have the chance to be here. You'll be in my thoughts tomorrow, since I know how important watching all this has been to you! I'll take pictures of the madness on the mall if you want to see.

All my best,

7:35 PM  

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