Monday, January 12, 2009

day +510

This morning's checkup went very well. My counts, I was told, are good. At Sloan, apparently after the 12 month scan, protocol (for allo SCT survivors, I assume) says that the next one isn't done until month 18. Consequently, I'll receive my next scan in February.

For the moment, my Tacrolimus level remains at 1.25mg.


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, you be stylin' Duane!

8:41 PM  
Comment Blogger Sandi said...

just wanted to comment...I am a one year Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor. I was diagnosed 2 weeks after discovering I was pregnant. I went through 6 rounds of ABVD while pregnant. My baby girl is one now, healthy and well. I have my one year follow up on January 22nd. I get myself SO nervous. I never felt 100% the same as I used to. My doc doesn't think it will come back but ugh. It's hard to not worry!! Glad to find your blog.

2:55 PM  
Comment Blogger Levi said...

i'm glad to hear that you are still doing well.

10:10 PM  

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