Saturday, December 27, 2008

some like it hot

The Rubin Museum of Art, which specializes in East Asian and in particular Himalayan art, shows a film every Friday evening. Last night, I visited the museum for the first time with a friend. We watched the 1959 classic, Some Like It Hot, starring Marilyn Monroe. I had seen her in movie clips, but had never watched a film with her from beginning to end. So in many ways, Some Like It Hot was an introduction for me. 50 years later, her beauty and charm continue to captivate.


Comment Blogger Jim Anderson said...

She was quite the sex kitten, spawning many imitators, not just the obvious 'Marilyn' ones. Goodbye Norma Jeane.
Glad to see you are back at it. I love your photos and updates. Thanx for the xmas Ecard as well.

3:08 PM  

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