Monday, November 03, 2008

'tis the night before the election

So, we've made it . . . finally. It's the night before the presidential election, which seems like it has been going on for like 9 years. It has been marked by catchy slogans like "Yes, We Can" and "Country First," radical associations, pant suits, Joe the Plumber, SNL satire and perhaps most disappointingly, a paucity of honest debate about the myriad number of serious issues affecting the nation's future. With all this, it will be fascinating to see how this election will be remembered in years to come. I'm sure dissertations will be written about the presidential campaign of 2008.

As you know, I've been a passionate observer of this contest. Though I some times wonder how much I should divulge about my political ruminations, many times I find it too difficult to resist. There's just too much to say. Too much is going on. Just too much.

Over the course of this campaign my thoughts have fluctuated about the campaign and the candidates themselves. While I think we all hope that our preferred candidates will be able to deliver on their promises for a better future, the reality is that it's unlikely that a lot of what is proposed can be accomplished. No matter what they may say on the stump the current economic crisis alone has assured that many of their proposals will be postponed if not unfulfilled and that their presidency will be a difficult one. The greatest challenge to the United States I think, however, is that our current political system is broken and the challenge of resuscitating it is so monumental that it is improbable that one individual alone can do it. I'm supporting Obama in part because his message has spoken to this critical problem with the American political system. I do believe that we need a new kind of politics (due to both Republican and Democratic malfeasance) and his language captivates that feeling remarkably well. However, how much change can we actually expect to see? While I'm inspired and hopeful, I'm also realistic. As Obama himself joked at a recent event, "I was not born in a manger." If Obama wins, we shouldn't expect the dawning of a new age of man, but we do all hope for and expect a more competent, accountable government. Functionality, which has been lacking for some time, is in great need. It'd be wonderful too if our planet became just a bit cleaner, more peaceful and prosperous.

Like many across the country, I plan to be up pretty late tomorrow. I doubt I'll get much sleep Tuesday night.


Comment Anonymous EFG said...

well, I am so excited on the front side of election night that I have been up since 3am waiting to vote!

I share a lot of what you said, miracles are not going to happen but hopefully there will be some change.


4:03 AM  

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