Monday, March 31, 2008

hearing from my donor

Back on Thursday the 27th, I received a response from my donor in the mail.

Five months have passed since I wrote that special person thanking him for offering me the gift of life.

As you can see, my donor didn't sign the greeting card. That's because the NMDP forbids both the recipient and donor from disclosing personal information, such as name or address, until after one year post-transplant. For me, this milestone will take place in late August 2008. After that time, both my donor (if willing) and I will be able to communicate freely and if possible, perhaps meet.

This afternoon I was at Sloan-Kettering for a quick blood test followed by a meeting in which I and several other individuals (Sloan cancer survivors and staff) are working to create a newsletter that will focus on the stories and issues of cancer survivors. The hope is that this newsletter will become a quarterly publication, but the goal for the moment is to print two issues this year with its inaugural debut in June. I submitted an essay which will be in the inaugural issue.

Since this newsletter is centered around sharing survivors' stories, the group was enthusiastic about the symbolism of my bridge photography. As a result, it looks like one of my images will be used in the newsletter's header.

The 59th Street Bridge, one of NYC's East River bridges, is only a couple of blocks south from the hospital. Because this towering bridge has such a strong identity in the neighborhood, a photograph of it may be the most appropriate choice of a bridge for the newsletter. Next week, I hope to visit the bridge, which I have never photographed before, to see what I can get.


Comment Blogger Jeff H said...

Hey Duane,

I'm happy to see you're doing well, and doing so much for the cancer community. If you need any contributions to the newsletter I'd be more than happy to help out!

All the best,
Jeff Hartnett

10:27 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Hey there Jeff,

Many, many thanks for your kind comment. I may follow-up with you offer, so stay tuned.... ;)

4:30 PM  

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