Monday, September 29, 2008

masi and bascove

This morning I was back at the hospital for a check-up. The three weeks since my last one seem to have raced by so quickly.

There wasn't a lot of medical talk at today's appointment, which I always take as a positive sign. The dark patches on my forehead and cheeks, which are due to the GVHD, have cleared up a bit it seems. As it stands right now, everything remains the same. I continue to take the same 8 medications daily.

The chimerism blood test that was taken at my previous visit came back 100% donor, which means that my T cells, B cells, and neutrophils are all my donor's. The previous chimerism test, which was done soon after my transplant, showed the same thing but as part of my one year follow-up it was necessary to do this once again. My blood counts continue to be great.

During this visit, I also received a flu shot which of course I was unable to receive last year.

On my way home, I stopped by two art galleries in the hope of seeing the bridge work of two amazing artists: Antonio Masi and Bascove. I learned about Masi just recently in a NYT article. I was introduced to Bascove, on the other hand, about 8 years ago during a visit to either the New York Historical Society or the City Museum of New York where there in its gift shop were copies of her creative and inspiring book, Stone and Steel: Paintings and Writings Celebrating the Bridges of New York City. Browsing through it, I was transfixed. I was sold. Back on day +74, I blogged about her remarkable, dream-like paintings.

Though I knew about Bascove's work from her book, it never occurred to me to investigate more or to see if some of her paintings were even on display in the city's galleries. Reading about Masi this past week, I returned to Bascove and then, did a bit of research online where I found a healthy number of articles. This is how I learned about the Uptown Gallery, where she has sold paintings in the past, and which I visited after this morning's checkup. Unfortunately, about a week earlier the gallery's owner moved her paintings into the back during an inventory check, but he graciously showed me two of her prints which were accessible. One was of the Brooklyn Bridge and the other was of the Reading Room in at the New York Public Library at 42nd Street. Both are lovely. Having known her work only through Stone and Steel, I had always associated her with the city's bridges but I was surprised to learn that she paints still life and figurative images as well. The gallery owner told me that she's working on a book focusing on Central Park's bridges right now.


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I'm glad things are strating to clear up for you, I wish you continued healing.

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