Sunday, August 17, 2008

political uneasiness

During the fury of the primary contests of the winter and early spring, I never thought that I'd feel as I do now. Back then, I felt like a front row spectator to a classic slug fest that had all the exciting drama and trappings that would be the dream of any Manhattan publicist. However, ever since the conclusion of the fiery race between Senators Clinton and Obama, I have felt less enthusiastic and inspired about my candidate and the entire electoral process.

Maybe the dip in my enthusiasm is simply a sign of political fatigue. How long has this campaign season been going on?

Part of this may just be natural. During a presidential campaign, the long days of summer are the least eventful generally. People's interests are elsewhere for the most part.

Part of my disappointment, I know, stems from a sense that Obama hasn't been bold enough on some key issues, notably energy, global climate change, and the economy. To be fair, neither Obama or McCain have really owned these issues. They've talked about them in speech after speech, but has either of them really given the impression that they have a vision worthy of the enormous challenges that our nation faces? This isn't a time for half-measures. We need to stop the B.S. and petty bickering and start getting these issues fixed. After eight years of incompetence and absent leadership, I think Americans are desperate for someone who will mobilize the citizenry around a grand but well-detailed and thoughtful vision aimed to address our myriad anxieties. The first candidate to offer a concrete but inspiring challenge to America with regard to these and other complex issues I think will win the presidency.

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Comment Blogger Kevin said...

I'm with you, man. I was very hopeful about this campaign, on both sides. I never thought that at this point I'd find Obama uninspiring and unoriginal and McCain so obviously lost about where he stands on many issues and running such an underhanded and petty campaign (personally, I like to think the poor guy doesn't really "approve this message," but has just lost control of his campaign apparatus for the time being.) Sigh. Let's hope both candidates take a long look at themselves and step it up after the conventions.

5:29 PM  
Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...


Tomorrow's your one year right??? I can't say congratulations enough! You continue to inspire! Derrick and I have checked into the Hope Lodge, so we will have to arrange a time to visit. Hope all is well!


12:25 AM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

I agree, Kevin. Let's hope something changes during the next 2 months.

8:02 AM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Hey Mindy,

No, my anniversary is on Thurs, the 21st, but it's soon. ;)

We'll have to meet up soon now that you're settled at the Hope Lodge. I hope things are coming along nicely.

Talk soon!!!

8:03 AM  

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