Friday, August 15, 2008

day +362

Yesterday morning I and my good friend, Barbra, checked out the fantastic exhibition, Albert Durer: Art in Transition, at the Museum of Biblical Art in Midtown. This was my first-ever visit there.

The exhibition offered magnifying glasses with which one can examine the breathtaking sharpness and exquisite richness of his fifteenth century engravings and woodcuts more closely. This is truly an impressive show.

Before heading over to Meghan's place to watch last night's exciting Olympics coverage, I went to the nearby Harlem River Park from where I hoped to photograph the adjacent Park Avenue Railroad Bridge in the warm late afternoon light. The Park Avenue Bridge remains the last of the Harlem River Bridges that I have yet to capture. Thunderstorms were passing through the area, but it is at these moments when the sky can be most dramatic. Well, this is what I had hoped. Yet, like my first visit to Harlem River Park several months ago, it just didn't work out. Soon after my arrival, the clouds began to coalesce and then, they blanketed the sky in a dull grayness. Thankfully, the rain held up only to fall when I realized this shoot wasn't going to work out as planned. Before it began to rain, however, I held out hope that I might catch a dramatic lightning strike above the Harlem River, but each time a thunderous bolt lite up the ominous gray sky I failed to press the shutter in time. So, this makes me 0-2 at capturing the Park Avenue Bridge and 0-2 at capturing lightning. I'm going to get it one of these days.

In addition to trying to submit an essay to the NYT's Metro or City Life sections, I had forgotten that there is City Room too. The stories in City Room are much shorter generally. On Wednesday, City Room had a very interesting story about a Bronx artist's public works: A Bronx Artist's Ode to Street Life, in Glass. Another story of note from City Room is A Changing Palette on the Waterfront.

Thinking about my writing proposal, I've been reviewing a lot of the pictures that I started snapping since I first walked across the river into Harlem last September. According to my records, September 24th, Day +34 was the exact day I photographed the waterfront for the first time although I had walked across the bridge the previous day. Most of my images are archived and backed up on both my external hard drive and DVDs, but a significant number aren't. This gap is because the burning feature of my DVD+RW drive conked out and until just a few days ago, I didn't realize why I was unable to burn new DVDs. I'm waiting for the new drive to arrive now. Interestingly, this examination of my files and the status of my drive has been wonderful (though time consuming), because in looking over my images I've realized that I had yet to utilize the full awesome editing power of Photoshop. When I compare the images that I posted on Flickr with those that I touched up recently with Photoshop, the difference is tremendous.



It's like day and night.

This made me think. I'm planning to replace my blog's link to my Flickr page with a photography gallery page that's devoted solely to this project of mine. On this new page, I'll have my recently updated images for view. I tested a version of it last night and it looked so cool. It will probably take me awhile to get it up and going, but I think it will be a healthy improvement.

Finally, on the cancer side of things, a few people passed along some very interesting NYT articles this week.

Condolences, Felt but Not Expressed is especially revealing. Recommended highly!

Having Cancer, and Finding a Personality

Said the Doctor to the Cancer Patient: Hit the Gym


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