Wednesday, July 23, 2008

day +339

Since starting the new medications and increasing my Tacrolimus dosage, all the signs of GVHD but the dark patches on my face have improved. Parts of the bottom of my feet remain numb, but it's a bit better than before.

I'm supposed to go down to Sloan tomorrow morning for a blood draw and hopefully, that should be that until my appointment on the 7th.

Monday, the 21st, marked eleven months post-transplant.


Comment Anonymous EFG said...

so glad there is improvement.
Congrats on month # 11.

see you tomorrow


7:08 AM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...


2:54 PM  
Comment Blogger Christine said...

Hi Duane,

I am sorry to hear that your trip west has to be sidelined ...And that you are dealing with GVHD now too. I know you, along with your medical team will stay on top of it and manage this latest challenge.

You are really being pushed to new levels and depths within yourself it seems. We can travel farther within, even while staying right where we are than any transcontinental trek can ever take us I think. I have read most of your posts over this past year and have often had the distinct feeling from your writing about your adventures around your city with camera in tow and felt that you were and are on a journey...Close to your home of course for the time being, but nonetheless a journey...The excitement in your words and photos are as if you were seeing The Bronx and Manhattan for the first time and you may have been??

This is a challenge for you in so many ways I am sure. I admire your honesty, courage, and spirit. Nothing can or will ever quell your curiosity and love for life - that's just you, and those are rare qualities!! I understand well your feeling of wanting to be in wide open space, cradled in nature...Seems you have found some special spots right where you are that provide a sense of peace and meaning to you.

I think sometimes something, or some force much greater and wiser than us, keeps us somewhere when we are ready to go, for a reason we just can't yet know.....I once read "Life can only be understood looking backward, but must be lived going forward" or something close to that :-). It seems to be true from what I have experienced....Just doesn't make it much easier in the present.

I think if not for Hodgkin's, I and many others would not have had the opportunity of getting a glimpse of what a remarkable, life affirming person you are! Remember you are a prizefighter; you get knocked down by some serious punches, but the most important factor is that you just keep on getting up...Christine

1:40 AM  
Comment Blogger Kevin said...

Awesome! The tacro is probably a lot better than going on steroids, so it's good you're holding the GVHD there. Keep rocking! Remember, the dark splotches are just signs that the hodge is getting beaten up so bad it won't ever come back!

11:28 AM  
Comment Blogger Kelly Kane said...

Hey Duane -

Sorry I've been slacking on the blog reading. I'm sorry about your trip being postponed as well - hopefully everything starts to turn around with the increased meds. You're still so amazing for keeping busy all the time :)

AND I just saw your Who Wants to be a Millionaire!!! How funny you were on that show!!

I watched it and kept yelling - please know it's yellow, please! I'm guessing that was right before or right after your first fight with the hodge...

Anywho, it was entertaining. I hope you got to buy your parents a new car still... otherwise, let's write to Oprah :)


11:48 PM  

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