Monday, June 23, 2008

day +309

I was told that around 200 people attended i[2]y's Thursday's Stupid Cancer Gala in Manhattan. It was pretty fun (and packed). Lots of young adult survivors. Some amazing raffle prizes, such as VIP tickets to the Colbert Report as well as Mets and David Letterman tickets, were given away.

I rode the subway down to Thursday's gala. This was my first time on the subway in at least 10 months.

This past Saturday marked 10 months since my allo. I was invited to watch the Yankees game that afternoon. We watched the Yankees get embarrassed by the visiting Cincinnati Reds. 6-0. It was pretty hot that day as well. I made sure to cover myself with ample sunblock.

Late in the game, I snapped this shot of the ballpark.

A part of Sunday morning was spent at the High Bridge Water Tower. I took dozens and dozens of photos from its viewing area, but the weather was poor. Blanketing clouds rolled into the area before an encroaching rain storm making the shots darker than I would have liked.

I had an appointment with my family's podiatrist this morning. Recently, my right foot's big toe has felt irritated when I walk. The diagnosis: ingrown toe nail. So, minor surgery is needed to fix the problem. He told me that a small part of the nail and neighboring skin would be removed and as a consequence, the area would be sore for a couple of days but after that I'll be fine. I'm scheduled to have this done on June 30th, the day after I return from the Hodgapalooza meetup in Boston.

On another note, I thought I'd provide a hair update. During these past few weeks I've noticed that during hot, humid weather, my hair becomes fuzzy-like. Pre-transplant, this never happened. This is undoubtedly a reflection of the actual change that my hair has undergone. Starting from my hairline to about 1 inch inwards, the hair is straight and resembles the soft, baby-like hair that I had when my hair first grew back following transplantation. The rest - the majority of my hair - however is curly. On appearance, it looks close to my pre-transplant hair but its response to humidity reminds me that it's not the same as before. It's interesting: two types of hair on one head.


Comment Blogger Stratman said...

Wow Duane, the ballpark shot is very good.

10:06 PM  
Comment Blogger Kelly Kane said...

Maybe we need to buy you some post-cancer hair gel :)


10:39 PM  
Comment Anonymous EFG said...

WOW congrats on the 10th month post transplant . Sorry I didn't realize it on Saturday but so glad we could be together(part of the time) at the Yankees/Reds game.
Your photo of the stadium is truly awsome!
Congrats Duane

7:43 AM  
Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a wonderful writer you are Duane. I enjoyed all of the articles very much and downloaded your shot of the stadium. +309 AND riding the subway...Wonderful!! and so happy to hear it. I am always thinking of you and praying for you.


4:26 PM  

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