Monday, June 09, 2008

day +295

Boy, it's just toasty throughout NYC and the Northeast. Just too hot. I didn't go outside the entire weekend and today.

Today was spent working mostly on the details of my summer trip now that I'm back online. There's still a bit for me to do with regards to this trip, but I'm making progress.

While in Seattle, I plan to catch two Mariners games. It so happens that they'll be playing the Yankees, which should be fun. Interestingly, in Sunday's NYT there was a great article detailing the culinary gems and horrors of many of the nation's ballparks.

Buy Me Some Sushi and Baby Back Ribs

Seattle's Safeco Field was one of places reviewed. The Ichiroll, named after the Mariners' star Ichiro Suzuki, is a hot item according to the author.

Another fascinating article that grabbed my eye deals with the positive benefits of travel on one's health: Vacations Are Good for You, Medically Speaking

And as I've continued to work on my photography project, I'm been reading more about New York City history. My passion in learning about the history of the city and more specifically, my home - the Bronx, has deepened during these past months. So, I found The Bronx Is More Than Yankee Stadium to be both comforting and enlightening. In fact, only about three weeks ago did I stumble upon Alexander's Cafe, one of the places of interest listed in the article, after I had walked across the Willis Avenue Bridge passing Bruckner Blvd on the way home. It's funny how I'm learning about all these new places right in my backyard. It's funny how doors can open in the least unexpected places (and after the most frightening events).

Finally, the inaugural issue of Bridges: Connecting Cancer Survivors is out. It is being distributed at Sloan's locations right now. We hope it will become a friendly place where survivors can share their stories. It's our goal to make this a quarterly publication. Thanks to my readers who contributed.

Oh and BTW, on the taping of The Daily Show that I attended last week Terry McCullough, one of Hillary Clinton's staunchest supporters, and David Sedaris were the guests. The show was hilarious. Terry and Jon talked about the primary season, which ended that night (after the taping of the show) and David Sedaris plugged his latest book, When You Are Engulfed in Flames.

You can watch the entire episode here.


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