Tuesday, May 27, 2008

memorial day weekend

On Friday, I went to the American Museum of Natural History to check out the exhibition, Water: H20 = Life. This show ended yesterday, so I was eager to see it before it was gone.

On Sunday, I attended my first Yankee game of this historic last season at 'The House That Ruth Built' with Bob, Duncan and Nellie. We had fantastic seats. The weather was perfect. And most enjoyably, the Yankees rallied in the bottom of the eighth inning to pull out a victory against the Mariners.

Yesterday, Barbra and I watched the film, "Iron Man." I thought it was great. It looks like a sequel is on the way.


Comment Blogger Veronica said...

Haven't popped by in a while, Duane, but doesn't mean I don't think of you often!

Good to see you're still enjoying all there is to enjoy in life - stay well and happy, D....can't wait to meet you next month!


5:30 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Looking forward to Boston too!!! ;)

10:36 PM  

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