Thursday, May 08, 2008

day +261

I just spent about the past two hours doing some maintenance work on my blog. There were a couple of links that were dead, so I got rid of those. I also reorganized a few of the categories in the sidebar as well as added a few new banners. I didn't expect to spend so much doing this but that's how it goes generally. Once I find something that needs to be fixed, then I find something else and it just goes on and on.

Consequently, I haven't been able to do some of the other things that had on my agenda for this afternoon but the day is still young. The past few days I've been working with the committee to make the necessary last minute changes to the upcoming MSKCC newsletter, which looks really good.

While I was down at Sloan for one of our meetings, I stopped by Rick's office where I picked up a CD consisting of the photographs that he took of my parents and me at the art show last week.

Yesterday I spent some time writing thank you cards to those who purchased my photographs as well as ordering prints for those who want reproductions. I received requests for 9 reproductions, so I ordered 8 prints yesterday. There's one more order, but for that one I want to reshoot the subject because I think that I can improve on it. I'm hoping to reshoot the Washington Bridge during the next two weeks. Earlier this week, I did shoots of the Willis Avenue Bridge and the Henry Hudson/Spuyten Duyvil Bridges.

When I haven't been working on my blog or taking photographs, I've been spending some significant time putting together an itinerary for that trip of mine in late August. There's still quite a bit more that I need to do, such as thinking about lodging. But I think the overall scope of my trip (granted Dr. C-M approves its duration) is set. I'm looking at making a cross-country trip in which I travel to Niagara Falls, then on to Toronto before arriving in Glacier National Park, MT. From Big Sky Country, I'll continue to the Pacific Northwest. There I'll visit Vancouver, Seattle and Portland as well as the some of the region's spectacular national parks. I'll continue south into the Golden State, where I'd like to explore the Redwoods, San Francisco, Highway 1, and Los Angeles before flying home.

I estimate that such a trip will take me about two months to complete, so I'd be back in NYC by mid-October. I see Dr. C-M next Wednesday, so I'll see what he says about a two month absence.

Finally, I continue to taper my Tacrolimus dosage each week. On Monday, I reduced it from 1.6 mL to 1.5mL. Next Monday, it will go down to 1.4 and so on. Itching remains a fact of life. It comes and goes. It is not believed, however, that my medication is its cause. But the itching is a minor nuisance really. So far all is good.


Comment Blogger Sanbandit said...

Hi Duane
Sorry I missed your exhibit. My lame brain forgot, bad excuse I know. Sorry. also ended up with bedbugs and had to wash everything and get the place bombed/fogged. ugh. I hope it went well. Sounds like it did,sounds like people liked your pics too nice!!!
again, sorry. Your cross-country trek sounds like it will be great! When I'm in Seattle/Alaska cruise at the end of this month, i'll try and send ya some pics to let ya know what you're in for !:O)

7:55 PM  
Comment Anonymous Erin and Zach said...

Your trips sounds wonderful. I am sure you will have such a wonderful time! Also, congratulations on a wondeful art show. I wish we could have been there!
Love and hugs to you,
Erin and Zach

10:13 PM  

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