Tuesday, May 13, 2008

celebrate livestrong day 2008

Today is LIVESTRONG Day.

This morning I attended a celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention at Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem. In honor of the Ralph Lauren Center's amazing work in Harlem and LIVESTRONG Day, Ralph Lauren (a famous son of the Bronx), Lance Armstrong, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Dr. Harold Freeman, and Dr. Harold Varmus of Sloan-Kettering were there and addressed the audience.

I live about 30 blocks away from the Center and despite my daily effort to keep up with all-things cancer, I myself wasn't aware that such a place even existed. So, during the days prior to this morning's event I tried to catch up a bit on its history. Opened in May 2003, the RLC is a community based center for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer for those in the community who have and still suffer needlessly, because of a lack of access to good medical care and/or health insurance.

The Center, made possible by a generous gift from the Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation, is a partnership between Sloan-Kettering and North General Hospital.

The event was held in a large white tent in Marcus Garvey Park. I estimate that no more than 100 people were in attendance, which allowed me to take the photos above from about 12 rows back. It was catered and members of the press were there. Wearing jeans and a light sweater, it was clear that I had missed the notice regarding proper attire. A lot of money was in that tent. But I was fine. I managed to have some lively, meaningful conversations with a few of the people there.

Lance Armstrong chose to launch his LIVESTRONG Day Tour in Harlem, but from there he's off to Columbus (OH), Denver, and ending it in Las Vegas.



Comment Anonymous EFG said...

super photos and looks like an interesting event .
I also didn't know about The Center.

4:53 PM  
Comment Blogger Jane Steele said...

Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes..it was great, the kids and husband washed my jeep and made me dinner!!!

I can't say enough how wonderful your page is!!! Always so much great information. I have met so many other from your page. I just wanted to say thanks, and keep it up.

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